Jeffrey Warren Toll

This website is a public service announcement about this convicted felon.

Jeffrey Warren Toll is a convicted felon, con artist, and scammer. He has conned dozens of people by earning their trust and pretending to be knowledgeable and wealthy. He is known to scam in casinos, the car industry, and the airplane industry, among others. Jeffrey Warren Toll has a proven and lengthy criminal history. He frequents the Las Vegas, Pennsylvania, Atlantic City, & Hollywood, Florida areas although he is known to travel anywhere to find willing participants in his alleged scams. He has been banned in all PA casinos and trespassed in Atlantic City. Jeffrey Toll currently has a lien judgement from the IRS and his criminal record includes a felony conviction for theft by deception and convictions for larceny, forgery, and making false statements, among others.

Jeffrey Toll uses multiple names and players cards and pretends to have a lot of people working for him/under him. He shows his victims how to beat a casino, and then later tries to embezzle their money-- by asking for loans (with no intention to pay them back), offering to pick up free play offers (with the intention to steal and embezzle these funds), or offering victims to buy pieces of his “plays” (which are non-existent). It has been alleged that Jeffrey Toll’s “only means of existence is to defraud others.” He has done this for decades and through multiple industries from casino consulting to car shipping to financial consulting. He has stolen millions of dollars from victims and is an alleged well-versed and confident con man that has the ability to talk his way into almost anything. Mr. Toll has allegedly shown himself to be incredibly smart and insidious in his ability to “sweet talk” others into helping him perpetrate and get away with crimes by first instilling trust in his victims. It is important to note that he will pose as a wealthy, successful, kind, and generous person to lure his victim in. He knows how to manipulate his personality to get others to trust him. He will say and do anything to eventually defraud you. It is recommended that if you see him to call immediately to local authorities as he is allegedly under investigation by multiple government agencies. It is also believed he may have a warrant out for his arrest and that he is wanted for questioning in multiple legal matters. Allegedly, everything he says is a lie. He also tries to appear more powerful than he is by claiming he has people that work for him, claiming he is friends with credible people, claiming that is he is a lawyer, claiming that he worked for Morgan Stanley et cetera. All of those are lies he tells in order to gain his victim’s trust and make him appear bigger than he is. Jeffrey Toll has actively pursued people to work with him and for him through a variety of ways including Internet forums, fantasy sports leagues, and later embezzles their money. He has taken out loans in other people's names, made monetary charges under other people's financial accounts and defrauded multiple people out of vehicles.

Online, Jeffrey Warren Toll is also allegedly known to frequent forums such as, ( (, and more. On those websites, his alleged alias is "wizardofnothing", "Jeffwarren75", and "strictlyAP", also many more. He has now been banned from these sites as a result of not paying up on bets and scamming people from these forums but it is thought that he is still on these forums and more, just using a different username. In order to gain credibility with potential victims, Jeffrey Toll claims a relationship with Toll Brothers construction company. He has no assets, trust fund, or any association with Toll Brothers. In July 2017 he allegedly used this on a credit application in order to receive a credit line/casino marker at a casino in which he later allegedly wrote bad checks and defrauded the casino for $400,000. Jeffrey Toll has allegedly been scamming online in various forums, by pretending to set up fantasy football leagues. He has been alleged to make various usernames/emails in subreddits such as /r/findaleague and on rotoworld. Some of his usernames and emails include blea2311,,,,,, HippyHopper123, DookieHowzer1, saltysee123, lakersfan00, and,, . He also allegedly pretends his name is Daniel/Ryan Kayal online. He is also allegedly VVinner on Here are some of the alleged links to his forum scams: as recent as july 2021, jeffrey toll has been allegedly selling "advantage plays" or "mail plays" under different twitter handles. He allegedly buys old twitter accounts or takes over other people's twittter accounts. One account he has been scamming people from is @Playwithanedge1 on twitter.

He has been known to specifically target people of Jewish descent in his scams, Particularly Jewish women by means of romance scams, and then defrauding them later.


This website exists solely to make public the information that has been alleged by people who claim to be victims of personal and professional dealings with Jeffrey Warren Toll. This website makes no actual claims over if what has been alleged is true or false. Any information that could be considered sensitive that exists on this website was obtained through public record. This website has no intention to make a profit from its existence. This website is not intended to impersonate, harass, or defame Jeffrey Warren Toll. It only exists to make the public aware of these alleged felonious criminal acts.


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